Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy 8th Birthday Ali!

Ali turned 8! She was very excited to be so big. Ashling made a comment that now she was a grown-up because she had grown up things. I took Ali shopping for some new things for her birthday. She loves shopping and thought it was pretty fun to get to go for her birthday presents. We bought this outfit and a couple of pairs of pants and shorts. She also was given a dance mat that has high school musical songs and pre programed dance routines. She loves her presents. We took her out to dinner to Chili's for her birthday. Grandma Sue gave her a butterfly necklace with different colored crystals.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

We woke up to Snow...

When we woke up there was a light dusting of snow. I assumed that would be all but as we were getting ready for church it just kept coming down. Our drive to church was adventurous involving pulling someone out with just a tire chain and dodging abandoned cars all over the highway. The plows were no where in sight.

We arrived to church a half hour late but still made it in time to take the sacrament... (others had trouble getting there too.) It snowed during all of church but we enjoyed a wonderful ward conference talk by our Branch President. The drive home wasn't so bad since someone found a snow plow but we still slid around quite a bit. This is what it looked like after church at our house.

It looked like a dusting of snow...

Friday, May 21, 2010

AMGEN bike race

The AMGEN tour of California passed right by our street on Friday. We didn't have school because the road closures made going anywhere a problem. Even though Lance Armstrong had to drop out we decided to walk down the road and watch the race. Where we were watching there was no one there and the kids wanted to walk up the road where all the people and screaming was going on. We walked up there and ate candy while we were waiting.

This is the front runners. There were three bikers in front all together.

Then after that there were packs of bikers all together. I guess they use the wind from each other to help them ride faster so they stay in packs. After waiting for a long time the final group came through going pretty slow. It was considered a pretty difficult part of the race and they still had about 25 miles to go to the finish. I enjoyed watching the bike race but think I probably won't attend another race unless they are in my backyard again.


Monday, May 17, 2010

16 months

Annika is now 16 months old. She is quite a joy to have in our house. Her favorite things are Daddy, shoes, and going outside. I don't have pictures of her outside because I am always on the move chasing her but she loves to be outside more than anything.

When I took these last two pictures I asked her to say, "cheese," and she said, "chee." I consider that pretty good. She is saying lots of things, "cat, dog, bird, Ali, grandma, pa pa, outside, swing, slide, shoes, socks," and probably more. She loves to go outside and did in the dirt and swing on her swing. She likes to eat and will eat whatever is served from dinner with her fork first and then if it isn't working with her hands. She likes to feed Sierra and share her food with whoever will take it. Annika laughs, plays and loves to be around her sisters. When she sees Daddy she stops everything and gives him a big hug. She also really loves her Grandma Sue and runs up to her to give her hugs.
She does not like staying inside or having to ride in her carseat but she still is okay to go to sleep when it is time. She likes watching baby einstein movies and going to the park. Annika is particular about where things go and will often empty something only to put it all back how she wants it. She likes everything to have a place and I am waiting for her to grow up a little so she can keep us all clean and organized!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Day Off

I love Mother's day! I love the feeling of relaxation that comes from knowing you are supposed to be pampered all day. I love how my children make cards and give me those cards. I love how my husband makes crapes and sets the table nicely for breakfast even before early church. I love mother's day presents that are so thoughtful. I love how there is chocolate available all over at church because church is much nicer when you are full of chocolate.

I love reading on the couch and watching my house slowly work its way to clean by someone other than me. I love falling asleep amongst the chaos that is my life and not feeling even a little bit guilty. I love the pork chops, salad and french fries that adorn my afternoon plate. I love evening desserts with the in-laws and long phone conversations with my mom. I love Mother's Day! I am so glad to be a Mom!