Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday May 09, 2011

Monday morning began very early. We met at the Finestera at 5:30 am and had a quick brunch. We were under the impression that we had to be on the Oceania Boat by 6:00 am and so we walked down to the dock and got on in the dark. This boat was the one to take us out to the shot gun start for the tournament and it also took on a tour of lands end.

Then the boat left the dock without picking up anyone. We were a little confused and wondered if we would be the only ones on the boat. It ended up taking us through the harbor to pick up everyone else who didn't have to wake up quite so early and who got to load in the day light.
This is a picture of the pirate ship they had that goes out and takes people scuba diving for lots of money to the same beach we drove to and snorkeled at for free.

We had an armed escort because the Mayor of Cabo and the Governor of the state were both on the boat.
Here are all the fishing boats ready to start but still sitting in the water. Everything was still.
These guys had little flare guns and had a false start but then they were finally able to pull the triggers. Never depend on them to protect you in a real gun fight.
Here are the boats after the shot gun start.

On our way back in there was an entire pod of 200 plus dolphins. We got to see them for about 20 minutes or so.
Here is the arch at lands end.
We had planned to go to Cabo Pulmo. But we were on the boat longer than expected and then found out that everyone was not completely ready for the long trip. By the time we all got ready it was after 10:00 am and we decided we didn't have time to go that far. Instead we decided to go to Bahia Santa Maria. It is a beautiful cove with snorkeling on one side. We spend a few hours there until our feet hurt, our eyes stung with salt water and we were water logged. I love the feeling of staying in the ocean until I am actually sick of the water. Apparently we didn't get an snorkeling pictures here. Not sure what happened because we did take some.
We went back to our room and showered and took naps outside under the shade. We also saw the iguana. Then we headed back to the Finestera to see how Dad did and see if they all wanted to go to dinner.
Dad caught 5 tuna but none of them were big enough for the tournament. They kept one (22 pounds, the others went to the captain of the boat) and brought it to eat. We went to Captain Tony's because Dad didn't want to walk far. We had them cook it up along with some other meals. We were a little annoyed that they told us we would need other food too because the tuna was more than enough for all of us (9 people.)

What a perfect beach day!