Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

I'm sad to see that I don't think we got any pictures taken with Ellie and Carter but we spent Easter Morning with them.  It was fun to eat a nice breakfast and get all dressed up for Easter.  Melissa did such a great job taking care of us and was a wonderful hostess for the time we were there.  She made meals to die for and we ended up causing her to go into labor due to her hard work shortly after we left... (still a little bitter that we didn't get to see Cora)  

We spent Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday with Wade and Melissa and really enjoyed our whole time with them.  The kids got along great and we had lots of fun together. 

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring Break Vacation

We decided to visit with friends and family in Utah for our spring break vacation.  We first decided to spend Saturday skiing at Eagle Point in Beaver.  We drove up on Friday night and stayed in a hotel.  3 seconds after we arrived the kids were changed and ready to go swimming.  We had a great night swimming together and also enjoyed the hot tub.  
 In the morning the Eater Bunny had come to our hotel on Saturday morning.  The kids loved it.  Annika is mad because she got hurt but even she loved finding eggs in the hotel room.  Poor Ali ended up sick and she didn't get to ski on Saturday.

 We enjoyed skiing until lunch but it was pretty warm and Ali couldn't ski because she was sick so we called it a day and headed up to Pleasant Grove where Aunt Melissa had a yummy dinner waiting for us!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Mall Date

Ali is always asking to go shopping and sometimes she just wants to look.  So for a day off school I took the Ali and Annika shopping while Ashling played with a friend.  We first went to Macy's and grabbed a million cute dresses to try on.  They had a lot of fun showing them off.  

We then went to the make up counter and had them do their make up.  They loved that.  

We stopped for frozen yogurt and eventually even had dinner.  It was a fun day for the girls and they enjoyed shopping at the mall.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Curly locks

I curled the girl's hair cute and so I wanted to take some pictures of it.  Aren't they cute?

Whale Watching in Dana Point

We bought some whale watching tickets on a good groupon deal and waited for a nice warm day to go.  It was actually very hot for Winter and it was in the 80's.  The girls were so excited!  Here we are waiting for our boat to come in.  

As soon as we pulled out of the harbor we started seeing the common dolphins.  They were really fun and played with the boat all over the ocean.  We loved them and had a lot of fun seeing them.  We never did see any whales though on the whole trip.  The dolphins were so fun though that it didn't matter.  
We then walked around the sidewalks.  The coolest thing we saw were these birds that some guy let the kids see and play with.  
 After we were done we went down to the beach and walked around in the sand.  It was fun!

Finally we ate dinner at the California Pizza Kitchen and then drove home excited about our day trip.