Monday, February 9, 2015

Jamaican Vacation Day 3

Cameron had a meeting for work in the morning and I planned to do some yoga.  But when I walked by the water it was very calm and I realized that I wanted to paddle board.  I really enjoyed paddle boarding.  The water was very clean and I could see down to the bottom of the ocean from wherever I was.  I paddle boarded for about an hour and then relaxed by the beach until it was time for me to join Cameron at his work meeting.  

The meeting we went to with them was so they could give their employees some awards.  Each person was called up and the owner of the company and Cameron's manager said nice things about them.  Cameron was told that he was a highly principled man who can adapt to change easily... (he has had a lot of change in his short time as an employee.)  

 Here are all the employees who came on the trip with Prinsco.  They are holding their awards.
 After the formal meeting we had a picture scavenger hunt where we broke up into teams and had to find certain things around the resort to take pictures of.  We also got extra points for creativity.  We had fun going around the island and getting to know the people in our group.  When we found the starfish, Cameron volunteered to go in the water and get them.  He ended up with this picture.

 Here is a crab we saw on our adventures.
 Also we found the peacock showing his feathers.
 We did not win the contest but it was still fun.  We later ended up on the beach and I swam some laps.  Cameron found this conch in the ocean.  It was alive.  He did not think we could keep it so he put in back in the ocean.

 When we came back to our room they had folded my blanket up like a swan... I wish someone made my bed everyday!
 Later that night we went to a steel drum performance.  It was pretty cool.  They had lots of dancing and singing plus of course... the steel drums.