Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Happenings

We didn't do much on Saturday or Sunday for the weekend. We were simply too tired. We visited the urgent care, cleaned the garage and worked on a few other projects. We also had desert with friends but we didn't go anywhere besides church. So Monday we decided to do something. Due to Ashling's broken arm, swimming, the beach and several other ideas were thrown out. Finally we decided to go to big bear for lunch and to ride the ski lift. When we got to big bear it was pouring rain. We went to a ski shop sale and imagined how much fun it would be to go skiing... soon. Then we bought lunch and it was still raining hard. After lunch the rain slowed down and so we decided to go up.
I can't believe how different snow summit is from Snow Valley. Snow valley has hardly any trees but snow summit was covered. It is also much more green over there and feels more like you are deep in the mountains. I loved all the green and the nice cool, fall day. Annika loved riding the big swings.
At the top of Snow Summit they have a beautiful lodge and we went and hid in there for a while because it was raining once again. I begged Cameron to bring me back in the winter to ski but some of the beauty of the place was that there were only a few others there and I am sure that the winter crowds will diminish that immensely.

After riding up we decided it would be fun to hike down. The trail was pretty steep and hard to hike down and the kids didn't seem to like it much. At one point we were hiking down a steep black diamond slope by accident but eventually we found the right path. The wildflowers were beautiful and it was a fun day overall.