Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Quick Disney trip

Cameron had work to do in Southern California and the girls and I decided to tag along.  We spent the weekend with Grandma Sue and Papa.  Grandma Sue taught the kids how to make towel animals.  We also had a fun family party at the Linton's house and enjoyed their beautiful backyard.  (It gave me hope that maybe our yard will not be a pile of rocks for forever.)

 Then during the week Cameron dropped us off at Disneyland before heading to his appointments and the girls and I enjoyed Disneyland.  If you are ever planning a trip to disneyland it is best to plan that trip to coincide with a measles outbreak.  The park was dead for Disneyland.  There was also some rain that made it even more unappealing to others and extra appealing to us.  We got in lots of cool things that we usually do not make time for in our two days and saw each and every frozen thing there was to do.

 I teased Ali that she texted on every ride and this is what she decided to do for her space mountain picture.  I love it!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

It was a warm day in January

I love Sunday morning church.  Because Sunday afternoons are either a nap or this... I can't decide which is better.