Thursday, August 7, 2014

New Home

Here is our new attire -perfect for the rodeo or horse back riding which the girls did their first day.
 This is our master bathroom
 I love the new bathtub!
 Here is our master bedroom
 Here is Ashling's room with a walk in closet that she loves
 These are our stairs and the door at the top is the laundry room.  The best part of the laundry room is closing it and not sharing the room with Cameron's office
 Here is the dining room and kitchen.
 This is part of Cameron's office
 This is a bad picture of the rest of Cameron's office
 This is our mudroom- we still need to hang a lot of photos
 This is our rock garden... we are cultivating a lot of rocks in Heber
 This is our living room- is something missing?
 This is my giant pantry!  I still have lots of room.  I will have to work on food storage!
 Here is Ali's room
 More Ali's room
 Annika's room.
More Annika's room.