Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A New House

Our Lot 

We are purchasing a new house to be built in Heber City, Utah.  Here is a picture of the lot.  It is full of rocks but it has some views of Timpanogos and also is in a nice neighborhood.  We are excited to move there as we are relocating for Cameron's work.  

We have been to all our construction meetings and have decided a lot of things.  It is fun to decide how it will all come together and I am excited to see how it will be.  Here is a sneak preview of some of our choices.  I really like the process of buying a house and choosing how it will all end up.  
Color choices - carpet, wood floor, laminate counters in bathroom.  

wood floor, cabinets and granite counter top in kitchen.  

cabinets, laminate counter top, and tile choices.  

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Neptune Park

We really like this park that we visited while in Utah.  It is a fun play to play for the adults and kids.  

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Home School

I decided to try Home Schooling the kids for the rest of this school year.  There were a variety of reasons for this including annoyance at the downside of public education, boredom of my kids due to teaching with no child left behind in mind, I was curious if I could do it, and Cameron's job has a lot of benefits for travel if we could not have school to hold us back.  So in January we were finally admitted into the charter school I chose to use.  

It has been a fun process to watch my children learn and to have more control over what they learn and how they learn it.  They are happy to have extra time each day and sometimes bored with the choices available for that extra time.  They are great learners most of the time although they complain when they  do an assignment.  I feel there is a lot more time for individual instruction and for fixing holes that were in each of my child's progress.  I do not feel I will do this forever but have enjoyed the process and recommend it to all parents if they are able for at least a little while.

Some of my favorite things are doing math lessons with Ashling, teaching from Story of the World to the girls, and doing Ali's hated language arts text with her.  I have been very happy with the Sky Mountain Charter school.