Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Braces Off!

Ali got her braces on 17 1/2 months ago.  Due to stellar braces wearing including always wearing her bite plate and always wearing her rubber bands her teeth were completely straightened during this time and today was the day she got her braces off.  She is pretty excited!  

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Our house is coming along!

We were sent these pictures of our house right before 4th of July.  I am getting very excited to move in to the new house.  It is starting to look like a home!
 This is a picture of the door into Cameron's office and the new tile they laid.
 This is the master closet
 This is the master bathroom with tile on the floor.
 A good front view of the whole house... mostly finished on the outside.
 The dining room.  Underneath the paper on the floor is the wood flooring.
 A picture of the bathtub and the place where the shower will be installed... soon.
 Our stairs and the new railing.
 The kitchen... we need some cabinets and a stove and we are all set!
 This is our front door... I love the look of the wood door.

Paddle Boarding and Rock Climbing

We spent the day at Lake Mary and borrowed a kayak so that we all could go out on the lake.  Cameron tried to fish with it but didn't have much success.  We all enjoyed more paddle boarding and Annika learned to balance on the boogie board.  

 The big event for the day was rock climbing.  Ashling has been asking to rock climb for months and we finally bought her a harness and shoes so that we could take her.  She loved climbing up and had some difficulty "propelling" as she wanted to just climb down but she eventually figured it out and really enjoyed it.  Annika enjoyed climbing too!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Camping in Mammoth Day 1

We decided to spend our 4th of July weekend camping in Mammoth Lake CA.  We left early and made it up in time to find one of two campsites left.  It was pretty hot and I wanted to use my birthday present-a paddle board, so we drove over to Lake Mary.  We found a great little spot to wait and we all took turns on the paddle board.  I love paddle boarding!
 Ashling really likes to paddle board too!

 It was quite the beautiful place to be in with Crystal Crag in the background!

 Annika really liked to ride on the front and she sat still!  She was pretty easy to paddle with.
 Cameron had a work meeting in the evening and so the girls and I cooked our dinner and went for a walk- or in Annika's case a run since she never walks anywhere.
Ali was still in Seattle vacationing with Grandma so she is not on this camping trip at all and we did miss her.