Friday, December 21, 2007

A Dusting of Snow

It started snowing lightly and Cameron was very excited. He decided to go on a little hike in the snow. While he was hiking Stacey, Mom and I were busy wrapping presents. We wrapped up lots of presents and hid them in my large kitchen shelves that are still very empty. Cameron came home covered in snow and I couldn't resist a picture.

Christmas Lights

Cameron did a great job on the Christmas lights. I love it!!! So I thought I would post how pretty they look this year.

Kindergarten Christmas Fun

On Wednesday the Kindergarten performed a little Christmas program. I loved it. Ali was good for the whole thing, sang clearly and knew all the words. She even was pulled out to sing a little solo up front. She did well and seemed to enjoy it a lot. Ali had a Christmas brunch for her class on Wednesday. It was fun to go and help and I am always amazed with how much energy you need to take care of five year olds. They are very active in Ali's class. Ali also made gingerbread houses on Thursday. Once again I helped and I am now glad that I don't need to help again for a few weeks. Ashling was busy with Aunt Stacey, shopping and playing while we were doing all of these other things. She seemed to enjoy the special attention from her aunty.

Snow sledding

We had some good snow a couple weeks ago. Here are some pictures of the snow events. Sledding in our yard is very fun and a little scary. We have only had a few mishaps including Ali and Ashling sledding in to trees. Ali came up and said Ashling needed a little ice since her face hurt. After I gave it to her in a bag and she put it on Ashling's face everything was fixed. Also Ashling comes in all the time with no gloves on. But in general the kids love the snow and we are praying for lots more.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Girls with Santa

Cameron's work had a Christmas party for the kids. It was an open house and right when the girls walked inside they had their names and had the girls sit down on Santa's lap one at a time. Then Santa talked to them and gave them a Christmas present. They also had crafts to do and a little treat for the kids. It was so cute and well thought out. Ali got a barbie that sings and Ashling got the Dora magical castle. They both love their presents.

Winter Has Arrived

We had a great rain storm that came on Friday November 30th. It rained and rained and rained. The girls and I had lots of errands to run down the hill and got soaked with rain even with our bright pink umbrella that Ali convinced me to buy. We were very excited about all the rain but then on Saturday we had even more excitement. It started to hail a little and then it snowed about an inch. We were all so excited to see the snow and it was perfect for us. We enjoyed a little playing in the snow. Cameron and Ali fought over who was going to shovel the inch of snow off the driveway, decks, sidewalks and other things around our house. It is good that they like to shovel so much because I never have to shovel at all.