Wednesday, May 20, 2009

camping in Bishop

This is our campsite.

We went camping over the weekend with Mike and Sue. It was a lot of fun. They took their trailer and we got to try camping with a trailer. It is a lot easier and fun. Cameron, Annika and I still slept outside but we were able to have more options for cooking inside and enjoyed using the sunshade that the trailer provided. The girls thought that the trailer was an excellent playhouse and it was everything from walmart to their own personal house. They loved to sweep it and Ali liked to guard the door.

Mike and Cameron went up to the Sierras with the intent to fish. And so they fished.

Sue and I along with the kids explored Bishop Canyon, ate some snacks and tried to catch butterflies on Friday morning. I took the kids to Lake Sabrina and they saw a high rock way out there and decided that they needed to climb to the top of it. We found Mike and Cameron and they took Ali with them because she wanted to fish. We went back to the trailer and had a nap. Sue and I read our books and generally relaxed.

Ali came back and told me that she loved fishing. She caught the biggest fish of the trip on her twitty bird pole. A 19 inch long trout that was about 3 pounds. Sue took a picture and when she gives me it I will post it here.

For dinner we had fresh trout and rice. I even liked the fish!

This is Lake Sabrina.

Ali wanted to carry Annika in the backpack. It didn't last long!

On Saturday Cameron and Mike wanted to go fishing in Pine Canyon. They took Ali and Ashling who both wanted to fish with them.
The fisherman

Sue, Annika and I went into Bishop and enjoyed girl talk and a little shopping. We met back up in the afternoon. Sue and Mike took Annika with them and the girls, Cameron and I went to try out the local hot springs pool. We enjoyed a relaxing swim in the pool and got a chance to shower too! It was very fun and we think it should be a tradition to go there everytime we are camping up there. We enjoyed the evening by having enchiladas and then playing settlers of Cataan while the kids watched a movie.

Annika is playing in the tent.

On Sunday we packed up camp and went to see the Buttermilk boulders. We also drove up to Whitney Portal and looked around and hiked a little. Then we drove home.


Nicole said...

definitely my kind of camping. So much easier with little ones i can imagine! Looks like a blast!

Mama Bean said...

The sight of summer!!!