Thursday, June 17, 2010

Annika at 17 months

Annika is now 17 months old. She runs everywhere and is pretty sure she knows everything there is to know in the world. She likes going outside, loves the park and when she sees it she gets so excited (even if we are really only going to the post office.) Now she climbs to the top of the big slide and goes down on her own as if she were a pro.

Annika is my daughter. She loves water which she calls, "Awa." She loves to play in the hose or splash in the bathtub. She likes to drink water and enjoys the beach and the way the water grab at her legs. She likes the pool and the way the water envelopes her body. She likes to kick in the water, splash on top of the water and even blow some bubbles in the water. She is learning to swim quite quickly in our pseudo-summer. (It still has hardly reaches 70 degrees but it feels warm enough to us.)

Annika is learning to talk quickly. Her vocabulary has expanded and doubled and then doubled again. She is getting to the point where she will try and say a lot of single words. Her new favorite word is "down." She says this word clearly enough that anyone who is listening understands that she does not want you to hold her. She also says "up" when she wants to be picked up. I think it is interesting that she understands this opposite so well.

Annika loves to give the biggest best hugs in the world. She will curl her little body all around you and hold tight. She waits and keeps the hug for longer than most others. Her hugs are the best. The other night for Father's Day she gave Pa Pa a hug and held on tight. She didn't want to get down from his arms even when it was time to go. She just kept giving his love. ( I wouldn't doubt if he has a new favorite granddaughter.)

The world is exciting for this 17 month old and she can't get enough of it. We are very happy to enjoy watching her.


Shar said...

what a cutie! I can't wait to meet her - hopefully this summer!