Monday, July 12, 2010

What do you do in the summer time?

Our life for the past few weeks has included about as much swimming as I can schedule in. To me summer means swimming daily. It is a little bit difficult to do here because there are hardly any public venues where I can pay to take the kids swimming. The two public venues I do know about have strict rules which include no floaties... my favorite floatational device for kids who do not know how to swim on their own. Instead I have been begging, bribing, and otherwise ingratiating myself with hosts who can allow us to swim at their places. During this time Ali has been in Arizona easily swimming in my sister's pool.

This past weekend we went to pick up Ali at Stacey's. It was a 115 degrees when we arrived to pick her up. We headed straight to the pool after unloading our car of everything that might melt inside it. We then lived in the pool most of the entire weekend.
Ali is getting pretty good at diving. She loves swimming and is pretty much an expert at it.

Annika wanted to try her had at the diving board. She enjoyed it as long as someone held her hand when she jumped.
This is Stacey's little boy... and Annika. He is sure he is not a dog since they give him people food, let him sit on the couch and take him in the shower with them when he needs a bath.
Annika has learned how to use the floaties quite well. She now can jump off things and keep her head from going under the water. She kicks her legs and paddles to where she wants to be.
This summer Ashling has become pretty good at swimming. At the beginning of the summer she had forgotten how to swim but on the trip she swam across the whole 39 feet of pool!

I guess this picture is so cute I put it in twice (on accident) and now I can't remove it!


Melis said...

so cute & so fun!! hope we get to see you guys this summer!