Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Our Trip to Utah part one

I know it has been over a month but I am finally blogging about our trip to Utah. We went to Utah in an effort to help Cameron find a job there. We are thinking about moving there if the right job came along and Cameron went up to network with some companies he thinks would be good choices. We stayed with Jeff and Mandie at their house. It was a lot of fun. We pulled our trailer up there and took a load of stuff to a woman who paid for our gas to get there. After Cameron dropped that stuff off in downtown we decided to go to Temple Square with the kids. We had a great time there. We looked at the Temple, fountains, and visited the visitors center. The kids loved to see all the church history things that they had heard about in church. My favorite thing was the replica of the inside of the Salt Lake Temple. I have never actually been inside for a session but only for marriages. This made me really want to come back soon and go through again.

After walking around the visitors center and around the temple we were really hungry. We rode Trax down to the Gateway mall. The kids loved riding on a train and it was free to ride in the downtown area! When I realized Tucanos was there I convinced everyone that we had to eat there at least once while we were in Utah. So we went in for a late lunch. I love eating at the restaurant and it will be forever my absolute favorite. We ate ourselves to a five pound heavier weight while inside but it was worth it. The kids also seemed to love it. I was surprised too because their free kids rate made it cheaper for us to eat there than it would have been to eat at Carls Junior!

After Tucanos we waddled back to Trax and took it back to the Church History Museum. I loved showing the kids all the church history stuff as we walked around the museum. It was really fun. I love how in Salt Lake we could do all that stuff and the only thing we paid for was our lunch!


Barbara said...

you cant live in utah because I don't and that wouldn't be fair.