Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ali lately

It is strange to me to have such an old child. She is treading somewhere between a child and a tween where sometimes she wants makeup and jewelry and sometimes she is content to play Barbies. She loves soccer and wants to play it any time. She is learning how to play the game better each year and at times she is quite aggressive. She also likes to play goalie and is excited whenever she manages to stop a ball.

Ali loves to sing and sings all the time. She has had lots of compliments on her singing and we are considering getting voice lessons because she seems to enjoy it so much. Ali also is learning to play the piano and to read some music. I hope we can teach her to play more in the next year. For our Christmas Ward Party she is going to play silent night for the talent show. She has been working hard at that.

Ali has her own pet. I gave her Sierra, our family dog. She had been wanting her own dog and I didn't want a new dog so I gave her our family dog. She moved the kennel down to her room as well as the dog bed. Now Sierra sleeps on her bed on Ali's bed. She loves having the dog to herself. She also takes the dog for short walks in our neighborhood, feeds her and brushes her. I think Sierra is happy with the arrangement too since she seems to love sleeping in Ali's room.

Ali does well academically and talks too much in class just like some other people I know. She is reading Harry Potter as well as many other books right now. She likes to play games and we have been playing Settlers of Cataan with her a lot lately. She is quite good and even creamed Cameron and I once. Last night she almost won but due to inexperience I moved in ahead of her at the last second.

It is fun to have an 81/2 year old and I love Ali!


Shar said...

i love these posts about your girls! i can't believe how big ali is getting. that setup with dog sounds perfect. kapria loves animals so much that we think one day we'll have to get her a dog. but not until we live in a HOUSE. :)