Sunday, August 28, 2011

Our grass yard

Cameron and I have wanted grass for a long time. It finally hit how important grass was to me one day last June. We were laying down in the shady grass on a hot day and I realized how nice it would be to have grass in our backyard. We decided to get our yard ready for grass by the end of the summer. It involved a lot of work. Our yard was sloped quite a bit and we wanted a flat area for grass. Cameron decided to try to start digging with a shovel. There really isn't a way to get a tractor back in our yard anyways. I thought it was a little crazy but after watching him do it several times I started to see some progress. Eventually I even helped a little.

Cameron created a nice level pad even with a concrete patio already in our backyard. There were lots of obstacles like a concrete wall with rebar, a lot of huge roots and some big holes where animals had once lived.

Cameron used the wheel barrow that he found for free at the dump to help him out with moving all the dirt.
The ground was very hard in some places and he used a pick axe until he broke it!

Finally after working many nights after work it was time to actually order the sod. Chalon and girls helped by picking up the big pallet of sod and coming up to help us install it. Chalon, Denali, Torrey, Ali and I unloaded the sod and brought it down to the patio while Cameron started installing it. We worked pretty quickly and were able to unload in less than an hour on the hottest day of the summer.

The square in the back is for the sandbox that we will buy sand for soon.

As the sod was brought down Whitney and Ashling helped by laying it out close to where it would be laid for Cameron.

After the sod was finished the girls rested on the semi-completed lawn.

Here is a picture of Sierra and Annika laying on top of her while they rested on the grass. Sierra really seems to enjoy the grass but since she is so sick there is nothing more for her to do than just lay there.

The grass did not completely finish the job and we will be doing some more work to get the yard the way we want it this fall and then lay a little more sod next spring.

This is how the final product looks. Don't you love our green beautiful yard? I do. Thanks to Cameron for all his hard work in getting it done!