Monday, June 25, 2012

Mount Baldy

On Saturday we decided to hike Mount Baldy.  It is a mountain that sticks out over the whole area and that Cameron and I have wanted to hike for several years.  We took the kids with us for what would be their first big mountain assent.  The first part of the trip involves riding the Mount Baldy Ski lift up to the restaurant.  It is a very old ski lift and a touch scary but it seemed to run just fine.

After a bathroom break we started hiking up the road. Cameron was told which way to go and we were following a few other people too.  We saw a road take off to the left but Cameron decided we should probably go up the ski run because of the instructions he had been given.  It was so steep!  I have hardly ever hiked up something as steep as that and we had to keep rallying the kids.  Here is a picture looking down at the ski runs.

 Here are a few pictures of Ashling.  She was a trooper all day.  Each time I would tell her that if she just kept hiking it would get easier and she believed me.  She kept going and she hardly complained at all.

 Here is a picture of the devil's backbone.  After the steep ski runs we quickly came to a trail where it dropped off several thousand feet on both sides.  The girls were a little nervous but when we told them it would be okay they took it in stride.

 Here are some more pictures of the back bone.  It is amazing how it drops off so much!  Cameron carried Annika in the backpack most of the way up!  He is the man.  People kept stopping him and taking his picture because they were so amazed.

 Here is a good look at what we had to walk by... glad nobody slipped!
 A little rest was needed by the girls but I decided a standing break was better.
 After the backbone it was a pretty flat trail for a little while.  We let Annika get out and walk a little.  It was still steep on one side though.

 The last part of the trail was very steep and hard to pick your way through the rock scree.  Cameron, Annika and Ali lagged behind while Ashling and I continued the grueling way up the rocks. We were following two very strong young guys and they kept cutting the switchbacks and Ashling would follow them.  It made the hard trail even harder!  Ashling kept looking back at me and wondering if we should stop and I kept telling her we could finish it if we just kept walking.

 Finally we all made it to the top!  It was so flat and big up there.  My girls were the youngest ones up there and everyone was very proud of them.

Annika's performance

Annika has been going to preschool 2 days a week since she turned three in January.  Her preschool does a little program every year at the end of the year.  The kids sang a few songs.  I was most impressed by the fact that all the little kids stood still while singing for the whole time.  It was very cute and I especially liked all the dancing in place that Annika added to the program.  Here are a couple pictures of her special day.  She was very excited to perform for everyone.  

End of School Awards

At the end of the year my girls really racked up the awards.  Ali received a spelling bee medal, a honor roll trophy, a math facts trophy and a gold reading medal.  Ashling received a spelling bee ribbon, math facts trophy and a silver reading medal.  They both did a great job this year in school and I am so proud of them.  

We're in the Money

I wish this was a post about all the money we now have... but lets face it, we are not the people who win the lottery.  I think you actually have to buy a ticket first and that defeats the whole use every dollars for its best good ideas I have.  Instead it is a post about Ali's dance recital.  Ali is taking Jazz dance and did a dance number called, "We're in the money."  The girls started out in worn trench coats and then threw those off to wear the gold sequin dresses.  Here are some pictures of them.  Ali is with her friend, Isabella, who is also in the same class.  

I woul

Friday, June 15, 2012


We finally got to take the kids to Disneyland again!   It was a lot of fun.  We woke up at 5 am because we wanted to get there, park, get our annual passes (lots of paper work) and then be in the park when it opened.  We mostly made it on time.  I am not sure why the pictures are somewhat out of order but I am too lazy to try and fix it.  

The first stop in the park is always the bathroom and this time was no exception!  But after the bathroom we were able to get to the rides pretty quickly!  I love having big kids!
 The first ride we went on was the rockets.  I figured we should have something easy for Annika's first time at Disneyland.  She thought they were a little scary anyways.

 The first ride we went on was the rockets.  I figured we should have something easy for Annika's first time at Disneyland.  She thought they were a little scary anyways.

 Cameron took Ali and Ashling on Space mountain and I took Annika on Buzz Lightyear.  Then I went with Ali again on Space Mountain.  We then went on Buzz with everyone because we had a little time to wait for Star Tours.
 After Star Tours we met up with the Sampson's on Thunder Mountain.  We then rode a few rides in fantasy land.  My favorite thing was seeing how my friend's kids played so well with my own kids.

 We then went all the way over to Thunder Mountain only to find it closed.  We walked back over to the Jungle Cruise and went on that and then took some time for lunch.  We went on Pirates of the Carribean and shopped around a little.  Finally it was time for our Indiana Jones ride.  The little kids went through the tree house while we rode it.  After that we did Tom Sawyers Island (or whatever they call it now.)   The last rides at Disneyland were Spash Mountain and Winnie the Pooh.

After that we went to California Adventures and managed to get California Screaming, The swings,  the merry go round, Soaring over California and Tower of Terror.  The night ended with a great firework show from the Plaza.  We were very tired but we are very glad we have passes and can go back when we want.