Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ali and Ashling have been taking ballet this year. They go to the Lake Arrowhead School of Dance in Lake Arrowhead.  I love the owner whose name is Sharon McCormick (pictured at Mickey Mouse below.)  She is great with the kids but also very serious about dance and she teaches them a lot each and every week.   Ashling is in her second year and is in Ballet B.  She is learning quite a bit.  Her class is quite serious and she loves it.  She is also participating in the Nutcracker but you will have to wait for those pictures until she performs.  I find myself at the Ballet Studio 3 times a week! I love to watch them learning to dance and also love watching the best dancers in the studio practice while Annika is in her class!  Here are some pictures of the girls when they got to wear the costumes for Halloween.  

 Annika is taking preschool 4-5.  She is not quite 4 but she loves to dance and this class was the best fit for her.  You can't tell that she is younger than all the girls at all.  She does a combination class of ballet, tap and tumbling.   She is great at all of it and tries her best to do everything the teacher asks of her.  Her teacher is named Ms. Sarah and she is great.  She keeps the kids attention and makes sure they are learning.  She is teaching them to put on their own tap shoes and also to tuck in their ballet shoe laces so they do not stop to tie their shoes a million times.  What a great idea!