Friday, December 7, 2012

Disneyland Magic

I told Ashling that I would give her a prize if she finished a chapter book and got an A on it for a AR test.  She has been having some problems getting these books finished and I wanted to help have an incentive.  Since she had recently missed Disneyland she asked to go to Disneyland all by herself!  What a great idea!

We took a day off school and left early in the morning for Disneyland.  I have been to Disneyland many times with my kids but no other day seemed quite as magical as this one.  Every part of it went perfectly and it was so nice to have such a beautiful girl to share my day with.  This mother, daughter date is one that I will never forget.  
 Here is a picture of her outside the ride that she loves.
 One of the first things we wanted to do at Disneyland was go see Rapunzel.  We waited in line for her for a short time even though the line said it would be an hour.  Magic!

 Ashling was so excited to say hi to Rapunzel.  She is the favorite around our house and Ashling loves her.

 We rode on the Haunted Holiday Mansion.  The first time we took the kids they were very afraid but now Ashling only laughs.
 We also rode on splash mountain but managed to hardly get wet- magical!
 I bought Ashling the biggest ice cream cone ever and she chose the flavors of mint chocolate chip and sherbet... I am not sure how those taste together but it certainly sounds gross.  We waited for the parade with front row seats- magical!

 This was her favorite part of the parade because it was a ballet dancer with toe shoes on... I wonder if she will ever dance with toe shoes?  She is certainly practicing dance quite a bit right now.
 Mickey and Minnie skated on ice... that is something that is hard to do in southern California.
 Ariel used to be Ashling's favorite princess... she used to sing like her too.  The princesses were pretty cool in the parade and their dresses were amazing.
 Belle is my favorite princess and I love the picture with the Beast.
 Ashling rode in her own tea cup because she wanted to spin it very fast and I will not do that.  I told her that we couldn't take up two tea cuts for just two people but then there was one extra so we moved and she could spin to her heart's content.... magical!
 As we were walking back towards the front of Disneyland trying to decide if we should leave or not... a lady comes up to Ashling and tells her that if she goes by the wishing well she will see the Princesses without any waiting.  Who could pass that up?  It was like magic to take pictures of the princesses without lines!  First we took a picture with the favorite, Ariel.
 Next Sleeping Beauty and Ashling...
 Last was Snow White.
 As we were deciding on dinner options we were able to enjoy the castle beeing lit up for Christmas.  There is nothing so special as seeing that castle lit up.  The castle came alive!
 We ate dinner on Main Street and were thinking of walking towards the car when Ashling said she really wanted to see the Candle light Ceremony.  A man came up to us and said there were extra seats and we got to sit and enjoy the show.  The Candle Light singing was amazing.  The songs were all hymns and the Spirit that I felt was amazing.  After a day of enjoying pretend magic it was a miracle to sing of Christ's birth and celebrate the gift of the Atonement that makes it so that we can return to live with our Heavenly Father and be a family forever.  I am grateful to Disneyland for allowing the choirs to sing and worship our Savior with only hymns.

As we drove away from Disneyland Ashling could see the fireworks in the background and I know she felt the day was as special as I did.