Thursday, February 21, 2013

What we do on a snow day.

It snowed about 13 inches overnight and there was a little too much to leave first thing in the morning but after Cameron snow blowed the driveway: twice and the snow let up we headed down to Aneheim again while he went to work.  Ali and Ashling were brave enough to get us some fast passes while Annika and I waited in line for the Matterhorn.  Annika loves this ride and kept her hands up nearly the whole time.  I realized that this ride is a lot better when you are not in the front.  (The front of the car is small and you bounce around a lot more because there is nowhere for your feet to be.)

 We waited in line for the Nemo ride... not worth the wait very often.

 We also went on Star Tours and Buzz Lighteyear.  Then we went over to ride on Splash Mountain, Winnie the Pooh and the Haunted Mansion.

 We rode the train over to Autotopia,  Annika is quite the scary driver!

 The best ride of the day was the last.  We rode on Space Mountain and Annika just loves this ride!  She loves flying through the stars!

 After the rides were done we drove the Chilis where I had a coupon for free dinners for the kids and we ate dinner for under 15 dollars for all of us!  I call that a steal!