Sunday, July 7, 2013

Camping in Bishop Canyon for 4th of July

We met Cameron's parents up at Bishop Canyon for a 4th of July campout.  

The first morning I took the kids hiking while Cameron attended to some business.  We explored up the stream from our campsite.   We found a lot of interesting things and stopped to wade a few times in the creek.  

 They begged me to go back with bathing suits so after lunch we went back with our bathing suits and they waded in the swimming hole I found.  I might have encouraged them to swim even though I was unwilling to actually get in siting my lifeguard duties as the reason.  The kids made it across the rapid with all of them swimming it except Annika.

 The next day we went on a pretty good hike up to some lakes called Treasure Lakes past south Lake in Bishop Canyon.  It was hot when we arrived and everyone took a little swim except Mike and Annika.  The coolest part of the hike was that Annika hiked every step of the 5 mile round trip hike and it was steep too.  Torrey was quite the swimmer and didn't mind the freezing temperatures that came with snow still melting into the lake on the far side of the lake.

 As we were preparing to leave the clouds that had been threatening broke and it started hailing on us.  We enjoyed a rather cool hike back to the campground.

For dinner we went out down in Bishop and then went to the Bishop Airport for fireworks.  It was a great spot to watch fireworks.  Lots of people were doing their own and then the firework show was amazing... like Disneyland without the crowds!

 I woke up early on Friday and rode my bike up the southlake road making it almost all the way to the top and then turning around.  It was a quite a ride but the views were amazing!

Friday afternoon we took the kids swimming to the Bishop City Pool.  That was a refreshing thing to do since it was the hottest camping trip I have ever taken.  Saturday morning we packed up and headed home in time to go swimming in our own Lake Arrowhead for the afternoon.