Saturday, December 7, 2013

Our Snow Storm

We only got a couple storms all year.  Here are some pictures from the only snowfall this year that warranted Cameron breaking out his brand new snowblower... I wish we would have had more snow but we sure did enjoy our one nice snowy day.  

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Nutcracker 2013

The girls were excited to open their letters in August and find out that Annika would be a gingerbread and Ashling would be a Young Guest and a Chocolate.  They practiced every Saturday in October and November where Ashling was at the dance studio from 10-3 every Saturday.  We were very excited for performance week which happens to be the same weekend as Thanksgiving.

The rehearsal and performance schedule is quite intense for little girls and this Mommy helped in the dressing room nearly every time too.  These are some pictures from the first dress rehearsal which lasted pretty late.  Thank goodness Cameron was available to pick up Annika because Ashling had to stay to the very end.

The girls performed on Wednesday twice, twice on Friday, twice on Saturday and once on Sunday.  They did a great job and I loved watching them dance.  Behind the scenes there was a lot of downtime and they did a great job doing what they were supposed to.  

Saturday is the funnest day of the performance because the kids do a gift exchange, get to see Santa and also have a cast party.  Here are some pictures the kids took with other cast members and also with Santa. 
Ashling, Annika and the nutcracker prince 

The girls with Sharon McCormick (Their dance teacher)

 The girls with Clara
 The Mouse King (I had to beg and plead before they would stand this close to him)
 The first nutcracker

 The girls with Miss Aleiah who is Annika's assistant teacher

And of course the girls with Santa Clause!
Although the Nutcracker wears me out every year and is exhausting for one and all it is a very fun performance and great for the girls.  I am sure we will all try out for it again next year!