Monday, January 21, 2008

What is that smell?

I have been smelling a disgusting smell in the girls room for about a week now. The first day I decided it must be dirty laundry and I did all their laundry. It seemed like the smell went away. Then it seemed to come back and possibly be a little stronger. I looked around and hunted for the cause of the smell. I asked the kids if they knew anything about the smell and they both seemed clueless. I kept looking for a smell but then it would all but disappear convincing me that I didn't really smell anything. It didn't help that Cameron couldn't smell anything and the girls didn't seem too concerned either. Last night Cameron and I took apart the girls entire bedroom. I cleaned every square inch and washed all the bedding. We looked in the closet and under the beds and while we did find lots of treasure there was no cause of the smell. Tonight when I went downstairs the smell was so bad I could hardly stand it. I insisted that there must be something very large that was dead under the house. I don't think Cameron was so sure but after the ravings of his wife he decided to investigate if only to appease me. At about that time I let the bath water go and lo and behold it all gushed out from under the house. We have a great big sewer leak under our house. Doesn't that sound like fun? I am just glad that I am not crazy and that there really is something that stinks! Hopefully someone will fix it tomorrow. It is one of those time when I am glad to be a renter instead of a home owner.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Princess Ashling

Ashling is just like a little princess. She is kind, considerate and very hug-able. She is teachable and she loves to do everything her older sister does. Her favorite toys are train tracks and her favorite princess is Ariel. Today I took her to the doctor again for another application of acid to burn the little bumps she has on her stomach. She laid down quietly and as still as could be and allowed the doctor to work easily. She even smiled and joked with the doctor. It is nice to have such an easy going child who enjoys everything in the world around her.

She is starting to pay attention to how things in the world work. She was talking to her friend, Leah, today about what boys and girls do. I thought it was so cute so I will post what she said.
She said "boys go to work. And girls stay home and go to the work-out place." It is amazing how what you do really does affect your children. I am grateful that she is getting a clear picture of the world where her daddy will provide and her mommy will take care of her-even if that means a little time at the gym.

My Princess Ali

I just wanted to let everyone know how proud I am of Ali. I wasn't sure what school would be like for her but I imagined that she would be the trouble maker. I imagined multiple trips to the principal's office for any number of things especially simply not being able to sit still. But she has proved me wrong on all accounts. I love when she proves me wrong by being an angel. She is good in school. She sits quietly on the carpet, puts her pencil down and waits for others to finish and helps the other kids with their homework. She loves everything about school and is very happy to go there every day.

She is learning to read. I am thrilled with being a part of teaching someone to learn to read. It is an amazing process. But sometimes it is difficult when it seems like every day you go over the same words and then you have to go over them again. Today she came home with a book about Clifford. It was not an easy book and we had to read the work list several times until she knew all the words. But when we finally started reading the book she was able to read the words fluently! It seemed like a big break through to me because suddenly she was reading! I love reading and am excited to think of all the books I can share with her. I can hardly wait for her to have the reading fluency to read secret garden, little house on the prarie and the Box Car Children.

Also Ali just started ballet. It was exciting to see her go in to class and behave and listen to the teacher and complete her first class. It is nice to know that she has finally channeled her energy into productive venues like reading, playing and dancing. What an amazing little girl she has become. I am so grateful that Heavenly Father allowed me to be her mother.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


We bought season passes to Disneyland for Christmas. It has been one of my favorite things I have purchased. We have been twice and both times were magical. The girls are so excited about everything. Ali loves every ride in the park. She enjoys the kiddie rides with enthusiasm like no other but she loves Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain and the Mattahorn. She is looking forward to going on the roller coaster and on the tower of terror. It is fun to have her like everything. She told Cameron that Space Mountain was scary but she said "but it was really fun too!" Ashling isn't big enough for all the scary rides but she loves looking at the princesses, riding the merry-go-round and peter pan. She is scared of all the scary rides like Pirates of the Carribean and she is so cute because she puts her hand on her mouth and opens her mouth in awe and fear but she does not cry. The fireworks were amazing last Friday. They had these large flames come off the castle that were so hot we could feel them from where we were watching the fireworks. I must be getting old because I now love the shows. We saw Alladin at California Adventure last week and I loved that too. Anyways Disneyland is still very magical to me and we enjoy it a lot.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

A tribute to Kristy

I can't express how sad I am for the loss of Kristy Ragsdale who was Tony's sister. I have been thinking of her all week and how she must feel at this time to leave behind her two young sons. For those of you who don't know Kristy was killed on Sunday by her husband as she was going in to church. I wish there was something that I could do. I remember going to lunch one time with Kristy and then going over to her house and enjoying some time with her and Stacey. It was an enjoyable day and although I did not know her well I know that the world will miss her. I know that she will watch over her two little boys and be their mother angel and take care of them to the best of her ability.

we wish love to the Palizzi's

Dear Palizzi Family,

This is Stacy's brother-in-law, Cameron. The void in my soul the last few days has been pronounced, and I cannot imagine your thoughts and physical and emotional feelings. So badly, I want to hate Dave for his recent rage and unthoughtful, selfish actions. I met Kristy and Dave on a few short occasions, and I can echo the great and many tributes to Kristy that are showing up on this blog. To me she seems to be an exemplary woman who is kind and beautiful and deserving of such great things. She is fortunate to have so many freinds and family members who share her pain and honor her life. I am trully saddened for her boys who must really miss their lovely mommy. I know a song with lyrics that Kristy might say if she was able:

Soon a (mom) will kneel to pray
Soon the light will burn our shade
And with the sweet the bitter fades
So take my heart and take your place

Cause I will be your force
And I will be your right
And I will watch over you like a satellite

Soon reason will have rhyme
Soon wisdom will imply
And with courage doubt subsides
So take my heart and take my pride

And I will be your side
And I will be your might
And I will watch over you like a satellite

River will flow from scenes unknown
I'll guide you through by the love I'll show
And the stars will wish upon the night
That they could have a guiding satellite.

I want so much to do something for all of you, and yet I know I can't do the impossible. My family and I will do what we can, as inadequate as it feels, especially for you T and S. We have your whole family in our thoughts and prayers.