Thursday, January 17, 2008

My Princess Ali

I just wanted to let everyone know how proud I am of Ali. I wasn't sure what school would be like for her but I imagined that she would be the trouble maker. I imagined multiple trips to the principal's office for any number of things especially simply not being able to sit still. But she has proved me wrong on all accounts. I love when she proves me wrong by being an angel. She is good in school. She sits quietly on the carpet, puts her pencil down and waits for others to finish and helps the other kids with their homework. She loves everything about school and is very happy to go there every day.

She is learning to read. I am thrilled with being a part of teaching someone to learn to read. It is an amazing process. But sometimes it is difficult when it seems like every day you go over the same words and then you have to go over them again. Today she came home with a book about Clifford. It was not an easy book and we had to read the work list several times until she knew all the words. But when we finally started reading the book she was able to read the words fluently! It seemed like a big break through to me because suddenly she was reading! I love reading and am excited to think of all the books I can share with her. I can hardly wait for her to have the reading fluency to read secret garden, little house on the prarie and the Box Car Children.

Also Ali just started ballet. It was exciting to see her go in to class and behave and listen to the teacher and complete her first class. It is nice to know that she has finally channeled her energy into productive venues like reading, playing and dancing. What an amazing little girl she has become. I am so grateful that Heavenly Father allowed me to be her mother.


Shar said...

Ali is reading?! Wow - she really is getting so big! How fun that you can share a whole big world with her now. I can't wait to have my kids start reading all the books I've been collecting. It will be so much fun!