Thursday, January 17, 2008

Princess Ashling

Ashling is just like a little princess. She is kind, considerate and very hug-able. She is teachable and she loves to do everything her older sister does. Her favorite toys are train tracks and her favorite princess is Ariel. Today I took her to the doctor again for another application of acid to burn the little bumps she has on her stomach. She laid down quietly and as still as could be and allowed the doctor to work easily. She even smiled and joked with the doctor. It is nice to have such an easy going child who enjoys everything in the world around her.

She is starting to pay attention to how things in the world work. She was talking to her friend, Leah, today about what boys and girls do. I thought it was so cute so I will post what she said.
She said "boys go to work. And girls stay home and go to the work-out place." It is amazing how what you do really does affect your children. I am grateful that she is getting a clear picture of the world where her daddy will provide and her mommy will take care of her-even if that means a little time at the gym.