Thursday, January 10, 2008

A tribute to Kristy

I can't express how sad I am for the loss of Kristy Ragsdale who was Tony's sister. I have been thinking of her all week and how she must feel at this time to leave behind her two young sons. For those of you who don't know Kristy was killed on Sunday by her husband as she was going in to church. I wish there was something that I could do. I remember going to lunch one time with Kristy and then going over to her house and enjoying some time with her and Stacey. It was an enjoyable day and although I did not know her well I know that the world will miss her. I know that she will watch over her two little boys and be their mother angel and take care of them to the best of her ability.

we wish love to the Palizzi's

Dear Palizzi Family,

This is Stacy's brother-in-law, Cameron. The void in my soul the last few days has been pronounced, and I cannot imagine your thoughts and physical and emotional feelings. So badly, I want to hate Dave for his recent rage and unthoughtful, selfish actions. I met Kristy and Dave on a few short occasions, and I can echo the great and many tributes to Kristy that are showing up on this blog. To me she seems to be an exemplary woman who is kind and beautiful and deserving of such great things. She is fortunate to have so many freinds and family members who share her pain and honor her life. I am trully saddened for her boys who must really miss their lovely mommy. I know a song with lyrics that Kristy might say if she was able:

Soon a (mom) will kneel to pray
Soon the light will burn our shade
And with the sweet the bitter fades
So take my heart and take your place

Cause I will be your force
And I will be your right
And I will watch over you like a satellite

Soon reason will have rhyme
Soon wisdom will imply
And with courage doubt subsides
So take my heart and take my pride

And I will be your side
And I will be your might
And I will watch over you like a satellite

River will flow from scenes unknown
I'll guide you through by the love I'll show
And the stars will wish upon the night
That they could have a guiding satellite.

I want so much to do something for all of you, and yet I know I can't do the impossible. My family and I will do what we can, as inadequate as it feels, especially for you T and S. We have your whole family in our thoughts and prayers.


Angie said...

Luke and I are horrified to hear of this tragic loss. Please know that Tony and Stacy will be in our prayers as well as Kristy's entire family whose lives will now be forever altered.

Shar said...

I remember hearing this on the news that day and being so sad by it. Yet it doesn't quite hit home until you know the people affected. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and love with everyone - and know that we love you all and will keep Stacy and Tony in our prayers especially.