Monday, January 21, 2008

What is that smell?

I have been smelling a disgusting smell in the girls room for about a week now. The first day I decided it must be dirty laundry and I did all their laundry. It seemed like the smell went away. Then it seemed to come back and possibly be a little stronger. I looked around and hunted for the cause of the smell. I asked the kids if they knew anything about the smell and they both seemed clueless. I kept looking for a smell but then it would all but disappear convincing me that I didn't really smell anything. It didn't help that Cameron couldn't smell anything and the girls didn't seem too concerned either. Last night Cameron and I took apart the girls entire bedroom. I cleaned every square inch and washed all the bedding. We looked in the closet and under the beds and while we did find lots of treasure there was no cause of the smell. Tonight when I went downstairs the smell was so bad I could hardly stand it. I insisted that there must be something very large that was dead under the house. I don't think Cameron was so sure but after the ravings of his wife he decided to investigate if only to appease me. At about that time I let the bath water go and lo and behold it all gushed out from under the house. We have a great big sewer leak under our house. Doesn't that sound like fun? I am just glad that I am not crazy and that there really is something that stinks! Hopefully someone will fix it tomorrow. It is one of those time when I am glad to be a renter instead of a home owner.


Shar said...

Funny, but a BUMMER! DId it get fixed??