Sunday, February 3, 2008

Snow Snow Snow!!!

This is our favorite year for snow since we have been married. Right now it is snowing hard and we have about six or more inches of snow. That is in addition to the other 2 1/2 feet of snow that we have. It is a winter wonderland. Ali didn't have school last Thursday, Friday, Monday or Tuesday!!! Can you believe that? And it is looking like she might not have school tomorrow also. Cameron has become very close to the snow blower and has spent hours trying to get the snow off our driveway. Last Monday I was completely snowed in!!! I could not get out of the garage if I wanted to. So we enjoyed a quiet day at home. Unbelievably in addition to the snow we have also had about 8-10 inches of rain in the last week.

Today we had church in the dark. It was snowing and raining and the power was out. It was neat to sit in the dark and listen to the testimonies about President Hinckley. I can't help but think how happy he was to go home and see his wife and enjoy her company once more. When I think of President Hinckley I think of how much he loved his wife. We heard him speak in Stake Conference about 3 weeks ago. He spoke on how to improve marriage. It was a great talk and I appreciate being able to listen to him implore us to have good marriages.

Yesterday we went skiing. We have season passes to Snow Valley. I love having them!!! Cameron is volentering there a few times and so then we all get season passes. Cameron was up there yesterday but he took a long lunch in between shifts and spent time teaching Ali to ski. I went skiing up on the mountain. It is nice to live so close to the ski resort and and go skiing for a couple hours and then come home. I also took Ali up skiing on Tuesday for awhile. It is a lot of work to teach someone to ski and I am grateful for all the people who spent time teaching me to ski.

The only down side to all the snow is that the mountains are crawling with Southern California tourists hoping to catch a day of snow play. They are like ants. They crawl (and I mean crawl) up the mountains in the morning and crawl back down in long lines. They swarm around each place you can sled, ski, eat or get gas. When it is snowing they are completely helpless (like ants in water). Cameron spent a while helping a poor soul get out of the snow even though it was their own fault because they were up here with two wheel drive and no chains. Another poor lost soul was putting chains on in the middle of our road. Today someone was trying to drive up without chains and when they couldn't, they decided to drive backwards on the Highway!!! Oh well they give us something to mock and laugh about!

Well we love the snow and are enjoying winter a lot. Tell us about your winter adventures!

PS If you look down to the Disneyland post there are some disneyland pictures up now.


Stacey and Tony said...

Can you send some of that snow our way? We spent 2 1/2 winters in New England and didn't get much. Now that we moved they are getting dumped on. I feel left out!