Sunday, February 10, 2008

Well, I guess it is my (Cameron's) turn to weigh in on a few items. First...let's talk winter. It was looking pretty serious there for a while. Just when even I was starting to think..."Hey, we could use a little break here." the clouds rolled on out, the temps slowly warmed up (it was 80 today and yesterday in San Bernardino) and everything is so vibrant and live with color...snow-capped mountains, blue blue blue sky, and hawaii-green grass. Even the dirt looks better after all the rain and snow. Now I'm ready for more snow, but I live in So. CAL, so I might have to be patient!

Now lets talk politics. Short...sweet....and to the point: I might vote for nobody because I don't like anyone out there. I'll probably settle in on someone. But for now, I think Obamma is just a hip kind of guy who reaches younger people well with promises of change and hope....change and hope for what? Despite our war and our slowing economy, we are still doing quite well around I don't know what the change and hope being promised is for. Clinton just has an annoying voice and doesn't think they way I do about important issues, so she's off my list. McCain is a superstitious nut who makes sure to use the same hotel rooms in order to ensure ish victories during campaigning...and he's environmentally out of touch with reality. Huckabee is just unqualified with lack of Federal government experience and some really weird decisions in his past as a governor. For now, my main issue will be to support any candidate that will make a top priority of returning all illegal immigrants to their country of origin and telling them to take a number, and denying all of the illegal reject criminals who have ended up in our jails for violent crimes any potential of future entry to our country. Living in So. Cal, we see first hand the effects of illegal immigration, and it isn't a pretty site. I am not racist in any way. The associate I spend the most time with at work is named Ricardo Perez, and he is a model of what Mexican-Americans should be, with aspirations, drive, respect, and intelligence beyond that of most all people. I know a handful of people like Ricardo and I hope I can be as good an American citizen as he is.

Well, that's enough for now, I hope anyone who has a comment feels free to share!


Melissa Garn said...

Melissa! It's me...Melissa~
I was so excited to find your blog! How the heck are you? Your girls are SO, SO darling and SO big! I can't believe it! I love looking at your pictures. Keep in touch!

Shar said...

I have to disagree with you on illegal is a problem, but I don't think sending them home is the solution. We'll have to talk about it sometime. :)