Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Cabo San Lucas

The last port we stopped in was Cabo San Lucas. It was so beautiful. We thought of Angie and Luke who we seem to remember went here for their honeymoon. All ten of us hired a boat and went snorkeling. On the way to the snorkel spot we saw many humpback whales. Our boat driver was amazing and he got us very close to the whales and knew how to stop for the best pictures. And we weren't even on a whale watching trip! We snorkeled in a nice cove where we saw many fish and fed them rolls from the cruise line. Then we went over to Lands end and the arch. Our boat driver got us up close and personal to the seals. We went to Lovers Beach and he dropped us off for a little while. The pacific ocean is dangerous while the other side is calm. I went for a nice swim. Did I ever tell you how much I love swimming?

We finally we able to secure some Mexican dresses for the girls in Cabo and we found the best price for them so I was glad I waited. I love the negotiating system for things. It is fun to see what the lowest price you can pay for something is. I wonder if Gap would consider doing it?

We had to tender from the cruise ship on to a smaller boat to cabo. On the way back to the ship the seas were rough and our boat threw us for quite a ride. Cameron was thinking where he would jump if the boat went down. I was not that scared but found out from a fellow passenger that last year he went on a cruise and an older lady broke both her legs when she didn't jump far enough and landed between the boat and the ship. Needless to say we over jumped to make sure that we landed safely on the boat.

Our last cruise day was cold, stormy and windy. I personally liked it. It was fun to see what the sea really can do from the safety of a big boat that can handle what the sea puts out. Cameron and I sat in the hot tub with very high winds and it was fun to be in the hot tub during such a storm. At last we had to come home. It was fun to see the girls again and they both looked like they had grown inches while we were gone.