Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I am waiting for this little one to appear and my body seems to be making that very hard for me. I have been having so many contractions it is really really annoying. I wish we could just have contractions when the baby was actually coming. Sometimes they have been regular and about 5 minutes apart and they do not seem painless as they are supposed to be. They are making me tired and sick to my stomach so that is not too much fun. And I am only dialated to a 1 so they aren't even doing much! But at least I am not gaining weight but just seem to lose it each week when I go in. So I guess there is a good side to it. Once again last night I thought would be the real thing and stayed up because these contractions seemed to be painful enough to be it. But after rocky sleep for about two hours where I was awoken every ten minutes they stopped.

I have everything pretty much ready and the car seat is buckled into the car. Yesterday I went to get a pedicure and a manicure so that I will even look good when I have the baby. (Thanks to a wonderful mother-in-law who suggested the idea and provided funding for the very relaxing wonderful activity.) I sacrificed the family budget for food and bought diapers and wipes. (These little things have gotten much more pricey lately!) I washed the clothes and bedding and packed a bag for me and for the girls. Come out, Come out, Come out Please!

Every body in this house is now ready for our baby to appear. Ali asked me this morning, "How much longer?" I feel the same way and want to know how much longer. I guess that is just the game you play at the end of pregnancy. How much longer?

I am due on the 21st of January when do you think this baby will appear? Leave your comments so I have something to look forward to. And just so you know on the 17th I will be induced if she doesn't come before then!


Stacey and Tony said...

I am thinking on the 11th just as sacrament meeting is being passed your water will break... would make things interesting.

Nicole said...

I can't believe you're having another one this month! crazy.
I'm going for the 15th. GOOD LUCK! I'm so excited to see pics of her. :)

Ina said...

I likes Stacey's idea sure would be funny! I was just going to comment that I bought diapers yesterday and they had gone up $3 sense I bought them last month. Tha was aobut a 15% increease but what do you do?

Cameron/Melissa said...

I would love to think that I can cut costs on diapers somehow but I think I will not be potty training a newborn and so I will just have to accept the cost and cut coupons where I can.

Barbara said...

I am going to guess the 16th. One day before the induction so you can actually say you went into labor.

Ina said...

SO no luck on your water breaking in sacrament meeting today? I twould have been such a good story. Darn!