Sunday, January 4, 2009

Winter Break

Winter break was fun. Cameron had from Christmas Eve through today off. It was great to have him home so much to help with everything. His being off work seemed to at least cut my work in half and I loved it! We also had lots of family in town and it was fun. Stacey, Tony, mom and David came to our house. I have to say that even though I wasn't very grateful for siblings in my younger years they are the best and I love having them around to visit with. We had a great Christmas where I was spoiled rotten. I got a very nice Mountain Hardware down jacket which I am in love with. It is very warm and puffy and zips over my very big belly. I (Cameron and I actually) also got the Settlers of Cataan which made for hours of playing pleasure! I got new soft warm uggish type boots and pjs for the hospital and pjs for now and later. Nobody bought me anything maternity which I was very thankful for since I will not be in maternity sizes for very long (I hope.)

On Christmas day it switched between rain, ice, hail and snow all day. Finally around 2:30 Cameron decided we needed to travel out into the mess. I went with him because it sounded a little fun and I am always one for adventure. Two minutes down the road we realized that we had left the house with no money and very little gas. So instead of the drive down the hill we drove around Arrowbear. It was amazing to see what melting snow, tons and tons of rain, and then sleet and snow on top can do to roads. Cameron was a little too confident about the abilities of his little subaru and tried to drive up a very steep dirt road covered in ice and snow and water. So we got stuck. It was okay though because he placed a call to my very talented and able brother who came to rescue us only about three to five minutes after we called. A jeep ended up doing the pulling and we were saved. His car was not the same for several days though as he had to wait for all the ice to melt from underneath it before it stopped making awful noises and stinking. Cameron even used a hair dryer to melt the mess.

We had a power outage one night and played more Settlers with candles, had lots of raging fires in the wood stove, watched the Dark Night and did many other fun things. My talented brother also made dinner one night and it was very good. I didn't know he could cook? Doesn't anybody want to find him a girl friend?

After our company went home we decided to build bunk beds which are a little more than half way complete now. We saw movies and played games together and the girls played out in the snow a couple times every day. I enjoyed the winter break a lot and am not ready to go back to normal life at all. But normal life is coming whether we like it or not.


Mama Bean said...

Oh that sounds so nice!! We love Settlers also. You should try Mystery of the Abby. That is another fun one! Good luck, I will pray for lots of contractions and baby.