Monday, September 7, 2009

Devil's Post Pile Day 2 (Friday)

Let's just say that sleeping while camping is not on Annika's agenda. That first night there was the best. I think she woke up 3 or 4 times each time screaming at the top of her lungs. The first time she was cold and I felt bad because I didn't expect it would be that cold. The second time I don't know and once again the third time she was cold. She would not keep her arms inside the sleeping bag and so her little hands were freezing.

We woke up and Cameron made his famous put everything in a dutch oven meal. Potatoes, eggs, cheese, sausage and sometimes onions (not this time for the sake of the kids.) While he was getting breakfast I went to check out the showers. I took the most wonderful shower in warm water while it was still freezing outside and I loved every relaxing minute of it. The showers are for me that is for sure!

After breakfast we headed to Rainbow Falls for our hike of the day. It is about a 1.5 mile hike each way with an additional .5 mile hike to the lower falls. The kids are great about hiking now and they were excited about the hike. It was a warm day and we were in tee-shirts and shorts. The hike was down hill which is always a little worrisome for me. I worry about the hike up especially with the kids. But the way didn't seem too steep and I was sure we could easily hike it back up. The area had been burned by a fire long ago and the landscape was parched and lacking in any big trees.

We heard the falls before we arrived at them. It was a nice sound. We were ready for a break and the girls were hoping for a dip in the falls. We had a good view from several points along the edge and then we descended down the steps. I don't know how many steps there were (not as many as Thousand Step beach) and they were the steepest steps I have seen. But no one fell down them and we made it the water's edge. We were the first ones down there that morning or at least the only ones there when we arrived.

Ali kept begging to jump in but I did not like how the water looked around the falls and was afraid that one of my children might be swept away. I let them put their feet in but kept their clothes on for this falls. Then they threw rocks in the river. I read a little and Cameron fished. He caught 3 fish in just about a half hour. Then we decided that there were starting to be a lot of people and decided to go down to the other falls.

I was a little worried as we hiked to the lower falls because of all the clouds starting to pop up. I didn't want to be miles from the trail head with 3 little ones and no jackets. So I kept hurrying the girls. We arrived at the lower falls just in time for lunch. The girls ate quickly and then they changed into swim suits ready to swim. Only Ali braved the cold water and swam out to Cameron where she immediately clawed her way up out of the water. I didn't swim because I was nursing the baby. Ashling enjoyed putting her feet in. Right after they got out the sky was overcast and they got a little cold.

I made everyone hike out quickly because I didn't like the clouds. The hike up was a little annoying due to the many people on the popular trail. I was just a little annoyed. The girls hiked great and they only complained a little. Ashling thought her legs might fall off but rest assured-they didn't.

We drove back to our campsite and rested for a while in the afternoon. Annika played in her crib and the girls watched a movie while Cameron and I cat-napped a little. Then we woke up and got ready to go into Mammoth.

In Mammoth we enjoyed a Mexican dinner, walked around the shops and watched a band set up. The girls enjoyed dancing to their practice songs but we didn't want to stay late enough for the real show. We then stopped at the Minaret view point on our way home. I can't get enough of these beautiful mountains. I am imagining more backpacking trips up to their bases.