Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Devil's Post Pile Day 4 (Sunday)

Saturday night the sleep was bad enough that Cameron and I had enough. We decided that Annika will not be invited on any more family vacations until she is 10. Hopefully by then she will want to go on vacation enough to not be as attached to her bed. So we decided that we were going home.

After breakfast Cameron took the girls with him fishing and I worked on packing up camp. They fished by the bridge where Cameron caught his fish on Saturday. He caught some more fish and helped Ali to catch a fish too. I cleaned and packed up camp. When they came back we ate lunch and then loaded the car. We really need a bigger car to fit all our gear inside.

We then drove up to Agnew Meadows. I saw signs for the High trail and decided to add that to my list of backpacking trips I want to go on. I really wanted to just go hiking but all the trails out of Agnew Meadows were very steep. It was much colder at Agnew Meadows and would make a great middle of summer campground.

We then drove up the road and took more pictures of the Minarets. We love the look of those mountains. I would like to climb to the top of Mount Ridder which is on the right and is the blocky looking mountain. In Mammoth we went to an area of boiling hot springs that looks like Yellowstone. We could not get close enough to feel the heat so it isn't as cool as Yellowstone but I was more sure that I would lose one of my girls in hot water. I felt it was a good trade off.

We ate dinner in Bishop and then settled down for the long drive home at night. I kept falling asleep and waking up worried that Cameron would be tired too but like the wonderful husband he is he didn't complain at all. We made it home and Annika slept all night without waking in her crib. She was so happy to see it.