Thursday, October 15, 2009

Relief Society ideas....

I went shopping yesterday and got lots of stuff and it cost nothing! Our Relief Society had a meeting and called it a swap meet. Everyone brought the stuff they no longer used and then we drew names to decide who would get to pick first. We all got our one favorite item and then it was a free for all. I picked up some extra dishes that I needed, a camp chair, shoes for Annika when she is a little older, some boy toys that will make perfect Christmas presents for my girls (I don't want to say more in case my reading child sees this,) a nice work shirt for Cameron and some silicone cookware. I loved it. It was the one time this year where I went shopping and did not feel guilty for what I "bought". I think this activity should be duplicated in every ward.

On another note a dear friend dropped the cutest winter jacket off for Ashling. Her daughter has outgrown it and so she decided that she would give it to Ashling. It is a better jacket than I could have ever imagined buying and we are so lucky to have it. The jacket is a great blessing as I know that Ashling will now be warm enough whether she is skiing or playing in the snow! Thanks for the great gift.


Ina said...

Don't you love it when people just drop stuff off for you like that, that you realy realy need. It always makes me feel like prayers are realy being answered and I being look after.