Monday, November 23, 2009

Things to be Thankful for

I love my husband. He is wonderful. He has done so many really nice things for me lately to let me know that he loves me. And I have noticed. I have really noticed him trying to make me happy and I appreciate it. I love weekend breakfasts and help with middle of the night wakings with the baby. I appreciate the chance to go see New Moon and how easily he watched the kids. I appreciate the little things that he does and I know I am beyond lucky that I found him so young.

I love Ali. Lately she is so grown up. When she is happy she is the best person to be around. I love how she takes care of Annika when we need her to and how she is so protective making sure that she isn't hurt. I love how she tries so hard at soccer and does her best. I love how excited she was to attend her friend's birthday party and how she told me all about it. I like how she is interested in fasion and sometimes recommends I wear something else or tells me how I look good in something. She is smart, fun and strong and I love it all.

I love Ashling. She is my peacemaker. She loves to help me cook or pack or do anything. She loves to play games with me and loves me to read to her. She cuddles better than anyone else. She is learning to read so quickly and knows her numbers. She loves to try new things and play pretend. I still remember our walk where we pretended to ride horses and she fell off a huge log she was walking across and she just laughed.

I love Annika. She smiles and laughs and makes noises to let us know she is there. She is curious about everything and gives the best kisses when she wants to. Sometimes she even listens when I tell her no and she shakes her head as if she is saying she understands that it is a no no. She is happy and a joy to have in our house.

I am thankful for my new can opener that Chalon brought me home from Hawaii. It is much easier to use than the last one.

I am thankful that Cameron still has a job.

I am thankful for my house. I love the view, I love the wood stove, I love the kitchen oven, I love the space and the bright sunny rooms. I like the big yard for the kids to play in and the tongue and groove ceilings and walls.

I am thankful that the primary program went perfectly. It was wonderful to see the kids up there singing and the boys even nailed The Family is of God, "second verse". I enjoyed teaching them Christmas songs and I am grateful for a month of not having to learn any specific songs. I am grateful for a piano player who comes and plays the piano even though she is Relief Society President or Young Women's president (depending on the week.)

I am thankful for being able to live in the mountains.

I am thankful for Cameron volunteering at Snow Valley so that we can go skiing this winter. It will be something fun to do as soon as it snows!

I am thankful for blogs that give me a break from cleaning the house.

I am grateful that I know how to cook and can use almost any ingredients to make a meal!