Monday, February 8, 2010


Goals are pretty important. Annika and I both have goals that we are working on right now and it is amazing how similar we are with our goals.

Annika is learning to walk right now. It is all she wants to do. She is pretty good if she is wearing her nice soft shoes and not so good in her snow boots. She walks all around the house but she falls a lot too. She is not so sure about walking other places and tends to crawl a whole lot more. Her shins are full of bruises and she has a few other places too from all the work. Some day I will take a picture and you can see her walking. Cameron did get a nice video but I don't know how to put that on here....

I am trying to learn to parrallel ski this year. It is all I want to do. I wake up and think about the way I need to place my legs, the way my hands should be and that my knees should be bent. When I am running I think about how I would shift my weight if I were skiing. When I drive the car I think about the way I would turn if I were skiing. As I sleep I imagine skiing down a steep hill in pefect form. I think about it a lot and wish I could be out there practicing what I learned. I took a lesson which helped a lot and now I just need to practice a lot. I have never wanted to learn how to do something so bad and for it to be so hard for me to learn. I have never wanted to do anything so bad as I want to ski right now. It isn't just that it is fun but the goal is much more important. I want to ski with ease down whatever hill I come to and I want to look good doing it too. My thighs are soar and I have bruises on my shins and still all I want to do is perfect that skill.