Sunday, January 31, 2010

another ski weekend

Our time to be spent at the ski resort is upon us and I have nothing new to write because we are just skiing. Last weekend was Ali's first ski lesson of the year. I also took Ashling for her own ski lesson with me. I enjoyed the time to just be a mom to my two older girls. Sometimes it is so hard to have the time for them without dealing with a baby.

Ashling and I skied down several runs together. The whole time I had her follow me and stay right in my track. I am working on learning to parallel ski and I would do that slowly in front of her. I am always amazed by how well she follows in my tracks and she did this the whole time. (I was even more amazed when on Saturday she could parallel ski without following in my tracks.)

We enjoyed the evening together and didn't return until late. Cameron had come home, sent the baby sitter home and he was making dinner. It was fun to be the one away instead of the one at home for once.

Saturday we also spent up at Snow Valley. The whole family went up and we took turns watching Annika. I thought a lot about where we wanted to sit in the lodge while waiting and picked two tables at the back. They were across from each other and no one would be walking through this area. It was a very nice spot.

Some highlights from the day:

I bought new snow pants but didn't take any pictures. I went back to slide peak and tried the blue run down it. I hope to have more sucessful skiing in the future there.

Ali skied down little bowl three times. This was her first black diamond and she did it all by herself. She also caught air on several jumps, crashed a couple times and spent the entire day skiing. She only came inside for two 15 minute breaks all day and that was only to shove food in.

Ashling: learned to parallel ski and stayed in control all day.

Annika: Fell asleep in my arms and took a nap on the floor with her own coat bed.

Cameron: got to ski on slide peak (the double blacks) twice and helped out a lot at the lodge.