Sunday, January 3, 2010

Big Changes

I saw a sign dicussing the big changes brought in the 2000 decade. At first I thought it was a little odd as I couldn't think of what had changed so much. But I know life has changed a lot in the past ten years and it made me think of changes to our little family. When we filled out the census in the year 2000 it was Cameron and I. We had been married for four months and lived in a little apartment in Provo. We made somewhere around 10,000 dollars together the previous year. We did not have any kids. We only had high school diplomas. I was a student and he was a construction worker who was attending school part time. I worked at a laundry mat.

Fast forward to today. Now we are still together. (Hey in some ways that in of itself is a pretty big miracle.) We live in a nice house that we hope to purchase later this year. We make much more than 10,000 dollars. We added 3 children to our family. We both have BS degrees from Brigham Young University. He is a Civil Engineer and I stay home and try to create a home for us to live in. I guess it has been a decade of change for us.

I am grateful for my beautiful family, for our college degrees, (even if we are still paying for them,) and I am glad to be making more than I was at the beginning of the year 2000. If only our next 10 years can go so well. (although I doubt our family will grow that much in this decade. We will have to wait for grandkids and sons-in-laws for that.)


Nicole said...

Loved this post. It's amazing to see all of the changes that happen in a decade! I might have to copy and list my own!! Loving all your posts. Sorry I don't have time to comment on every single one!