Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Annika

Annika turned 1 today. She woke up and we sang to her. She loves music so it was a good start to the morning. Daddy had to volunteer today at Snow Valley so he wasn't home for most of the day. The girls gave her a couple of presents in the morning. We gave her the dress she is wearing in the pictures and a book that has lots of pull tabs. The dress was to wear to church so she could feel pretty and the farm book was to entertain her during Stake Conference.
I got the girls dressed and ready and we went to Stake Conference. I am grateful for grandparents who helped out during the whole meeting or I would have never made it through alive. The older girls were great and patiently played with the things I brought for them.
After church Annika prepared for her party by getting some needed beauty sleep. I made pasta for dinner. I made macaroni and cheese (the hard way,) fetticine, and spagetti and meatballs. We also had saled and breadsticks. For a drink we served apple juice and for the adventurous we had italian pina colada sodas.

I had to wake the beauty princess for her sleep with a kiss in order for her to greet her party guests after a 2 1/2 hour nap, (that is the longest nap she has taken in a very long time.) She was very excited and seemed to know that it was her special day. She loves her macaroni and cheese and enjoyed her sisters feeding it to her.

This picture got put in out of order and I don't know how to place it in the right spot. So here is the partaking of the cake. She enjoyed her sugar cookie that was on top of the cake very much and made a royal mess which we allowed our dog to have the pleasure of cleaning up.

I have never seen a one year old so excited about presents. At Christmas she was hardly interested and I opened every present for her. I wasn't excited for that to happen again. But instead she was very interested in opening every one. She would look at it and want to play with it right then and there. She was thrilled with her special day.

Annika received some very nice presents. Chalon's family gave her a ball pounder and a teddy bear. Erin's family gave her the Foot book, the guy from Dr. Seuss, and a nice pair of sandles for the summer. Marion and Jo gave her a shape sorter elephant that is such a fun toy and a new shorts and tee shirt outfit. Grandma Sue and Papa gave Annika a beautiful dress, tights and sandles plus a hair clip. We got her a little farm animal magnet set, some clothes and a couple books. We appreciated having everyone there for the party.