Monday, January 4, 2010

Holidays in Review

Saturday December 26th: Cameron, Chalon, Todd, Wade and I went skiing at Snow Valley. It was fun to ski with them and it was probably my best day skiing ever. I felt like they all pushed me to ski faster and I had a lot of fun. The girls enjoyed the time with their cousins at Grandma Sue and Pa Pa's house. Melissa was a great aunt and helped out even though we never asked her if she wanted to. Thanks Melissa!

Sunday: I got some flu bug and spent the day in bed. I haven't had to do that in a long time. I slept most of the day. Ali and Ashling went to church with Grandma and Cameron stayed home to take care of me.

Monday: We worked on projects around the house. We installed baby locks and started remodeling our master bathroom. On the list is new tile (we have had it for a long time but haven't had the energy to replace it.) and refurbishing and staining the bathroom cabinent.

Tuesday: We went skiing in the morning. The whole family went up and we took turns watching Annika and skiing with the kids. The snow was great and the kids are great at skiing. Ali and I enjoyed racing together. Tuesday afternoon we got a babysitter and went to the temple with Cameron's extended family. It was great to all be together and we are going to make this a family tradition to go each time we get together. After the temple we went to dinner and enjoyed some more time together.

Wednesday: Cameron went skiing with Wade in the morning. Then we worked on the bathroom remodel a little more. Later the boys went to see Avatar and the girls got together to let the kids play. We made Melissa a little book with pictures of the cousins for the baby. There were some unfortunate events at dinner time that caused us to wonder if all the food for the rest of the time together would be undercooked.

Thursday: The girls met for breakfast in the morning. We then went and got pedicures and manicures. We shopped for a while and then retured home. We met for dinner at Grandma Sue's and enjoyed a relaxing New Year's Eve. We played some Wii, played some card games and watched a movie with the kids. I like playing the Guitar Hero and think I need to get my own Wii in the future. The boys and the missionaries played a lot of ping pong. Most of the kids stayed up until midnight except for the little ones. I don't know if I will let that happen again next year but we will see. Everyone slept at Grandma's house except for Cameron, Annika and I. We went home to our own beds since we live so close.

Friday: Annika did not sleep in but the girls slept until after 9:00. It was their first time staying up that late and I am proud that they could sleep in so much. We had cinnamon rolls for breakfast, played cards and then played Settlers of Cataan. It was a relaxing day. I took Annika home for a nap in the afternoon while the kids had marshmellow gun wars in the street in front of Grandma Sue's. Then we had Wade, Melissa, Ellie, Mike and Sue over for a last dinner before they went home.

If you wonder why I am tired it is because we did all this stuff in a week. It was a fun vacation with lots of wonderful things for everyone. I am glad because the cousins played well together and Ali and Ashling loved it. I am a little relieved today to be sitting in the house by myself but the laundry is going to keep me busy for a month!