Sunday, January 24, 2010

Waiting to ski

We had a baby sitter and were very excited for what might be an epic ski day. Everything was ready early and we were just waiting to go.

The drive up to snow valley. The berms were bigger than our car. The bummer was that snow valley was burried under 6 feet of snow that they just didn't have a handle on. They only had the beginner runs on the lower mountain open for the first part of the day. We made the best of it by skiing together and the guys went off lots of jumps. Cameron hiked up to the top and also helped try and get the lifts open. I made a few new friends in line. I was worried about rioting but we are not Mountain High and nothing happened.
Finally after a quick lunch the lift was open and we got to go the top. I enjoyed my run down very much. Probably I set a new record of top to bottom and I especially skied well on Mambo. The lines were too long though and we ended up skiing on the the lower mountain until the end of the day. I was disappointed but the beauty of the day made it all worth it. And the snow will still be here for a long time to come.
Do you see the chairs in the background that they had to dig down to get to. No wonder it took so long to get the lifts running!

A view of the mountain and another view of the big dig down.