Monday, October 4, 2010

Gratitude #2

I am really trying to think of those things I should be grateful for. Today it is my children I am grateful for. I had parent teacher conference today for both of my girls. I arranged to attend alone sans any children which really made it a mommy's day out even if it was only for an hour. I love the feeling of not having to buckle anyone in and just getting in the car and going.

I attended Ashling's classroom first. Ashling knows all her sounds and recognizes all her letters. She won't be tested again in kindergarten she is that good . And she can count to twelve but missed 13 and went straight to 14. (I guess she is a littler superstitious.) She is socially doing all the things she should be and she loves school. She is a pleasure to have in the classroom. I liked my appointment with Kindergarten.

Next I went to 3rd grade. Ali has a new job today and is in-charge of getting the door and any errands the teacher has. Ali's desk was clean and nothing was in it that shouldn't be. I was told that Ali is reading on a 4th grade 7th month reading level. She is good at math and quite smart at spelling. She is learning cursive well and she likes school. The only concern we have is that she slow down a little.

I am grateful for kids that are smart and who love school. I am grateful that they are not getting in trouble and that parent-teacher conference could be a good experience. I am grateful that my kids can be getting a good education and that their teachers are both so wonderful. I am grateful.