Friday, October 1, 2010

It's Broken

Monday morning Ashling came upstairs and claimed she had kicked the wall and her foot hurt. This was while we were getting everyone ready and so I just kissed her forehead and pretty much ignored her. (She was not crying but just whining a little.) Emily also told me that Ashling had jumped off her bed but I assumed she meant the lower bunk bed and wasn't that worried since this was mostly tattle-telling and I really don't like that. I forgot about it will all the other things going on. Ashling went about her morning and didn't say much until we were in the car where she told me it hurt again. I was dropping them off at school and so I still didn't look closely and she was still not very upset.

In the afternoon she came home from school still whining a little about the foot. At this point I looked at it and then had Cameron come and look. It was swollen and looked painful. I decided to call the doctor and make the appointment. I didn't really think it was broken but I already had an appointment for Annika and so I just decided to make one for Ashling too.

By Tuesday morning Ashling wasn't complaining much and I was sure we were taking her to the doctor for no reason. After sitting in the dentist office for 1 hour we went to our doctor's appointment. We waited in the waiting room for quite a while and the doctor came in. I voiced my concerns that probably nothing was wrong and then we watched her walk. She did fine until she was asked to walk on her toes and she couldn't. We took her to get an x-ray. When he looked at the X-ray he at first thought it was fine and then saw the three small breaks on her three smallest toe bones down in the foot. Everyone was surprised that it was broken when she was so easily walking on it. The doctor didn't splint it but just referred her to the specialist for Thursday.

Thursday we went to the ortho doctor. It was a nightmare. We waited for 3 1/2 hours to get her cast. They tried to find a boot small enough for her so she didn't need a cast but there were no boots that small. We were the last ones out of the office. The only consolation was that they cut the cast right after putting it on so that we can take it off when we are done. They did this so that we don't have to pay for the cast to be removed since our insurance ended on Thursday. It was the only nice thing about it.

Ashling is now running with her cast on. She still has not let it slow her down. Her only complaint is that the cast is sweaty.


Shar said...

wow she's tough! i'm glad everything worked out with the insurance to cover it. our insurance just expired on the 30th as well since i'm only working parttime now, so i have to learn the whole applying for state aid thing.
but i'm so glad that ashling is doing well and that it wasn't worse!