Friday, February 4, 2011

Trip to Joshua Tree

We took a trip to Joshua tree in January for the day to go climbing. It was Conner's birthday. He is a 16 year old from our ward and he likes to climb so his parents asked Cameron and our branch president who is also an avid climber to help with his party. I tagged along with the kids.

We set up three routes next to each other and some of the guys climbed a 4th route in the afternoon. I loved the day spent at Joshua Tree and still admit that it is my favorite place to go climbing. Most of us climbed at least once and I made it to the top! I won't tell you how soar I was afterwards because that would spoil the accomplishment. I will tell you that I am no longer scared to sport rock climb and that seems like an amazing accomplishment since at one time I regularly cried while on the rocks. I hope to climb a lot more in the future.

Annika spent the day rolling around in the sandy dirt. She loved every minute. She was pretty hard to watch but a lot easier than she would have been at most places you can rock climb at.
This is the 5.10A that Cameron climbed at the end of the day. He managed to get all the way to the top but it was a little harder than in days past when he was always climbing. I guess we will have to go out more often to climb.

Ashling spent the day convincing all the boys to lift her to the top of this rock or help her get up somewhere she couldn't quite make on her own. Thank goodness she is cute and nearly every boy was willing to do whatever she asked. She was pretty good at getting up most rocks on her own too. She climbed all the way to the top of the rock we were on the back way and felt accomplished enough with that.
Ali climbed to the top of the rocks on her own. She also played with the boys her age who were there and threw a football a lot. She convinced Sierra, her dog, to climb all the rocks with her.
Cameron did not like setting up the climb for the 5.10 and he didn't like rappelling off the top either. It was a sketchy thing but he did it anyways without any problems. Good job Cameron!
We ended our evening at taco bell and then drove home the back way to Running Springs. It was interesting to drive through the barren Johnson Valley and think that they are just a short ways from metro LA but everything is so rural out there.