Monday, March 7, 2011

Brown Happenings

Cameron started his new job last week. He likes it. He has been playing basketball with the elders quorum and working his way slowly into his new calling. Melissa has been trying to ski as much as possible despite the poor snow conditions this year and begrudgingly cleaned the house at least a hundred times only to have it be dirty two minutes later. Ali has been trying to win her reading contest by reading all the time, likes to play settlers of Cataan (she wins often,) and skied down the face of slide peak (black diamond) with two feet of powder earlier this week. Ashling has been sick all week with a high fever but I think she is finally on the mend. She has been reading quite well and doing great in school too. She is getting pretty good at skiing too and he latest accomplishment has been to get on and off the lift on her own with her poles. It only backfired only when she fell right before getting on and ended up on the chair behind me. Then she forgot to get off at the right minute and jumped off only to fall and lose her skis. Annika has been pretty cute as usually. She loves Dora and will watch it all day. When she isn't watching it she complains that swiper is going to swipe her baby, her fa fa (pacifier,) or something else she wants. She likes to sing and sings her abc's, little einstein songs, the "We did it" song and twinkle little star. We are all having a pretty good winter and just wishing for highway 330 to be fixed so we can go down the hill a little more.