Friday, May 20, 2011

Sunday May 08, 2011

The first thing we did Sunday Morning was eat our muffins outside on the roof. It was so relaxing. Then we got ready and went to church. I loved going to church down there. I felt the spirit speaking to me strongly when the words couldn't and can honestly say it was a very spiritual experience for me.

After that we met everyone at the Finestera. The reason that we went to Cabo was because my dad was in the IGF World Championship fishing tournament for Marlin. We just went to support and enjoy a vacation. They handed out things to the fishermen and had a casting contest. Team Just Keep Fishing was in the top for awhile but someone caught the marlin twice.

This is the waterfall they had at the finestera. This is Team Just Keep Fishing!
We then proceeded to spend the rest of the morning and early afternoon in the pool. We went swimming. It took the three sisters plus Holly to take down my brother, David, but we did manage to dunk him. We enjoyed nachos at the pool side bar and then decided to walk down to the

This is a picture of Cameron in his reef safe shirt. Team Just Keep Fishing was sponsored by Reef Safe sun screen and they gave us all tee shirts and lots of sun screen. We loved the sun screen and after sun care products and it was nice knowing that the products weren't hurting the fish either.

This is a picture of the yacht that I am going to buy to come back to Cabo with next year.
We decided to go back to our room for a nap because a nap is always nice on vacation. Later we met Stacey for dinner. Team Just Keep Fishing had a nice dinner to go to but it was too upscale (expensive) for our simple tastes and we decided to sample more of Cabo's finest establishments. We were supposed to meet Samantha, Holly, Lauren and Trevor at the Crazy Lobster. We had promised the guy we would come and eat there last night. When we got there they weren't there and we waited eventually deciding just to eat. Little did we know that they were at the Crazy Lobster eating and that there were two at the city.

We enjoyed more shrimp and lobster. Do you notice a theme here? I liked it once again but did not especially think it was the best place we ate at all week. We did enjoy some funny Mexican t.v. that was like Star Search with little kids dancing and singing.
This is a picture of us checking out the catamaran that I want to go along with the yacht. It was pretty all lit up.

The only thing that Mexico is lacking is desserts. There are not even any on the menu. When we got back to the Finestera Amanda had a million little desserts she had snuck out of the buffet they had to try. They helped our need for sweets.