Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday May 10, 2011

On Tuesday we decided to go to Medano Beach. We picked up Natalya, Stacey and Amanda at their hotel and then drove back to the beach. Stacey rented an umbrella because she was a little tired of the sun all day and I started negotiating a deal for paddle boarding. The beach had the best sand and was so nice and flat. We started out swimming and I found someone who would rent us paddle boards for the price I wanted. At first Natalya and Amanda were quite worried about the water but soon they acted like they had been to the beach all the time.
I have never been paddle boarding before but it looked like fun and I wanted to try. After two minutes of broken English instruction we went out on the paddle boards. Obviously we didn't really know what we were doing. To add to that there were tons of jet skis and boats coming in and out and a very still wind. It took us awhile to get the hang of it but I loved it anyways.
First we tried on their knees.
Eventually we learned how to stand up and went back forth between paddle boarding on our knees and standing up. I really enjoyed it.
Amanda enjoyed playing the water and the sand while we were paddle boarding.
We got hungry and decided to walk down the beach to the Office which is a famous Cabo place to eat. We walked all the way down there and it kept getting louder and more obnoxious as we went. I do not need the party crowd and was happy that by staying a little ways out I could stay away from the party places and enjoy my peace and quiet. We finally got to the office and decided to look at a menu before sitting down to eat. 3 Tacos cost 240 pesos, roughly 20 dollars. This seemed outrageous to us and so we started walking back the way we had come. After a while we walked into another restaurant. 3 tacos were 130 pesos roughly 12.50 or so. We decided to keep walking. We got back to the restaurant right by our umbrella and 3 tacos were 850 pesos or about 8 dollars. We ate there. It was nice to eat under the umbrellas in the sand. Stacey and I shared a hamburger because we were a little tired of Mexican food for a few minutes. I thought it was wonderful.
After the beach we dropped Natalya off and then went to buy some stuff for dinner. Amanda came back to our house with us. We bought stuff to make mango salsa and qesadillas for dinner as we were a little tired of buying food. We bought some kind of mexican cheese that had a name something like barfar cheese. We kept calling it barf cheese and making Amanda laugh. We enjoyed an afternoon just messing around and being lazy. We came back to the hotel around 8:00 but Dad and Natalya weren't back from their dinner so we decided to go down to the beach and look at the waves.

The waves were very big and we enjoyed looking at them. When we got back to the hotel room we found out that dad had not caught any fish. He had fun getting free food at Captain Tony's for dinner and had fun when they hung up his tee shirts at the restaurant.