Sunday, October 23, 2011

First Win!

Ali is on the team called the Crush.  I am the team parent.  We have had a pretty difficult season and had not had one goal in about 5 or 6 games.  We lost every game except the last one where we tied.  As parents we just wanted the kids to finally score a goal to make them happy.  This game was with the other Running Springs team.  We were pretty evenly matched and we seemed to be doing a little better.  The girls kept getting it down by the goal and scoring only to have it called off-sides.  Cameron was getting pretty emotional and the ref told our coach to control her side-line.  We were all upset for all the calls that we felt were wrong.  Finally the other team scored and we were all sure that was an off-sides call too.  

In the second half Ali played forward.  She had told me all day that today was the day she would score a goal.  She kept getting it down there and getting it close but missing the shot.  Finally she broke away and dribbled it down the field and shot.  The goaly tried to get the shot but it rolled out of her arms and right into the goal!  

We celebrated a little too much but it was great to finally score a goal!  We figure it was because Grandma Sue and Papa were home from their mission and came to see the game!  
 The rest of the 3rd quarter they tried but did not actually get another goal in.  I was worried the score would once again be tied.  But in the 4th quarter while Ali sat out her friend, Isabella, scored a goal!  The whistle finally blew and the crush had finally won their first game!  The kids were so excited!
 Here is a picture of Ali, Louise and Isabella in front of their sign!  Louise scored a goal too but it was called off-sides so her goal did not count.