Monday, October 17, 2011

broken wrist

I took the kids to the park one day like I do every Tuesday when Ali is at piano lessons. This time when I called them to come Ashling fell off the monkey bars and landed on her wrist. She started crying and I felt like it was probably broken. I loaded her in to the car and went to pick up Ali at piano. At home I iced it and she complained whenever it was touched. I wasn't sure what I should do since I had all the kids and didn't want to end up sitting in urgent care with all of them.

Eventually I had someone else look at it and she was convinced it probably wasn't broken because Ashling would move it all around for her. Fast forward to Friday and she fell on it at school as she was getting on the bus and was crying quite a bit. Now I knew it was for sure broken. We went to urgent care where they confirmed that it was broken and Ashling had to wait labor day weekend before she could get a cast.

She chose a pretty blue cast and only had to have it on for 3 weeks. She is fine now but missed the first 3 soccer games.